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Tell the White House and Obama: How Do You Want Them to fight Sexual Assault?

    President Obama just announced that he is taking major action against sexual assault by creating a presidential task force to fight rape on college campuses. Right now, 1 in 5 women will be assaulted or raped during college.

    We know that searches for solutions to sexual assault and rape can end up blaming the victim instead of holding attackers accountable. To make sure the President's task force avoids that trap, it's critical that they hear what solutions YOU want to see.

    Fill out this short survey about what you think the Presidential Task Force to Protect Students from Sexual Assault should do, and we'll deliver your response to the White House next week.

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    • Work to change culture that encourages or excuses rape
      Improve criminal justice response, e.g. create trainings for local police
      Create effective and regular punishment of schools that fail to follow the law
      Create transparency by publishing information about sexual assaults and prosecutions on campuses
      Research effective methods for reducing rates of assault
    • I'm a survivor of sexual assault
      I am a family member of a survivor
      I'm a student
      I work on a college campus (e.g. faculty, maintenance, administration)
      I'm willing to speak out about my story/experience, and you can use my name publicly
      My campus has a problem with sexual assault