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    Guidelines for Nominations
    Ultimately, it’s up to you--UltraViolet members--to determine what the best non-sexist gifts are. But to help get you thinking, we’ve put together some helpful guidelines.

    Not all of these apply to all gifts, but in general, nominations should:
    • Include strong female characters
    • Avoid gender stereotypes
    • Value qualities such as intelligence, strength, athleticism, courage
    • Show diverse types of girls, women and families

    Ever shopped for a gift for a young girl? It  seems like the only options out there are super stereotypical little girl--all pink, princess-themed, and sparkly. There are great toys, books and movies out there--gifts that show powerful, healthy images of girls and women, but it can be really hard to find them.

    That's why we're asking UltraViolet members to help us put together the first ever UltraViolet Holiday Gift Guide: A 21st Century Guide to Non-sexist Holiday Shopping.

    Do you know of an empowering toy, game, DVD, book, or other gift to recommend for the guide? Submit it here.