Equality at a Higher Freqency

Ultraviolet: Equality at a Higher Frequency

Design a Pro-Woman Economic Agenda

    Eric Cantor and House Republicans are intent on rolling back women's economic rights, and we have to push back. Pro-woman champions in Congress want to know: what does a pro-family, pro-woman economic agenda look like?

    So can you tell us: What policies are imperative to increasing the economic security of women and our families? And what is your experience with them?

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    • I have paid sick days that I can use when I'm ill or care for a family member
      I have paid family and medical leave benefits (such as maternity leave, paternity leave, or leave for extended illness)
      I have access to high-quality child care that I can afford
      I believe that my employer pays men and women equally for the same position
      I believe that my employer pays fair, livable wages