YouTube must permanently ban Trump

YouTube must permanently ban Trump

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    YouTube must permanently ban Trump

    Tell YouTube: It's time to permanently ban Trump and his dangerous, hateful rhetoric.

    YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki has said that Donald Trump would be allowed to return to the video platform when "the risk of violence decreases." The problem is, every time Trump is given an audience, the risk of violence rises exponentially.

    Why is this important?

    Facebook's Oversight Board just announced that Donald Trump will not be allowed back on Facebook.

    This win is a testament to our power as a movement-- thousand of UltraViolet members submitted public comments demanding that the Oversight Board uphold the decision to ban Trump. But one major social media platform, YouTube, is still considering letting Trump back on.

    In the wake of the white supremacist insurrection in Washington, D.C, on January 6, we saw a sea change in how social media platforms were dealing with people spreading lies about the 2020 election, Donald Trump being chief among them. Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube suspended Trump's accounts, removing his access to platforms for spreading lies and inciting violence--and it worked: The amount of disinformation about the election decreased dramatically after Trump was banned. Twitter has already said that its ban is permanent. Now Facebook's Oversight Board has agreed that removing Trump from Facebook and Instagram was the right move. The only major platform left to permanently ban Trump is YouTube. Now is the time to leverage this win to push YouTube to kick Trump off for good.

    Online hate speech has translated to real-world violence, everywhere from El Paso, Texas, to Charlottesville, Va, to the halls of the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C. Disinformation about the global pandemic and public health has spread unabated and contributed to the recent hate-fueled mass murder of Asian women in Atlanta, Ga. Letting Trump back on YouTube to spread more lies, raise and earn money, and stir up violence puts more lives in danger.

    Send a message to YouTube: It's time to permanently ban Trump and his dangerous, hateful rhetoric.


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