Eric Cantor: We're not falling for it

Eric Cantor: We're not falling for it

Your message to Eric Cantor and the House of Representatives:

"Instead of expanding our rights, the so-called Working Families Flexibility Act brings us backwards. We’re not falling for it. Congress should reject this bill and enact policies that actually help provide security and flexibility, including paid sick days, raising the minimum wage, ensuring equal pay for equal work and expanding family and medical leave."

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    Eric Cantor: We're not falling for it

    Would House Majority Leader Eric Cantor and the Republicans use a cynical and deceptive bill to con women and families into thinking Republicans are on their side, when really, they're trying to take away our rights?


    This week, they're going to vote on the deceptively named the “Working Families Flexibility Act,” and if we don't speak up quickly, it could pass. They want women voters to think they are going to get more flexible hours, but the truth is the bill would benefit employers at the expense of workers' rights--especially women in low-wage jobs

    Can you sign the petition demanding that Congress to reject Cantor's more-work-for-less-pay bill and pass real benefits for women and families?