Stand with Walmart workers!

Stand with Walmart workers!

Tell Walmart executives Michael Duke, Bill Simon, and Doug McMillon:

"This Black Friday, we won't be shopping at Walmart--we'll be standing with the women and men who work there. Stop retaliating against employees standing up for better working conditions and fair wages. Until you do, you won't be getting our business."
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    Stand with Walmart workers!

    Black Friday, the biggest shopping day of the year, is just a few days away. With your help, it could be a huge day in an ongoing workers rights struggle affecting nearly a million women nationwide.

    In October, 70 Walmart workers walked off the job, the first strike of Walmart workers in the company's 50 year history. They walked after facing retaliation--threats, suspensions, and firings--for complaints about rock-bottom wages and poor working conditions. But despite having no union and no protections, these brave workers took action.

    On Black Friday, organizers are taking the strike nationwide--to thousands of stores and the nearly one million women who work for Walmart in the U.S.

    An estimated 70% of Walmart's hourly workforce is women. Now, UltraViolet members can show Walmart just how many of us stand with their workers--and how many of us won't be shopping there on Black Friday. Join this growing movement, and sign the statement of solidarity today.