Sign the petition: Don't shut down shelters and rape crisis centers

Sign the petition: Don't shut down shelters and rape crisis centers

Our message to Speaker Boehner and the House:

"The government shutdown could be a life or death matter for a woman who's turned away from a domestic violence shelter, rape crisis center, or WIC program that has lost funding. Pass the Senate funding bill NOW." 

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    Starting now, some rape crisis centers and domestic violence shelters may be forced to close their doors, pushing survivors out onto the streets.

    Especially in rural, poor communities, these services rely heavily on federal grants to keep running. But with the federal government shut down, funding provided for these services under the Violence Against Women Act ran out last Friday. Services won’t be restored until Congress passes a government funding bill. For a woman who needs help after she’s been raped or a safe place to protect herself or her children from an abusive partner, the impact of this shutdown could be life or death.

    As the shutdown continues, outrage has been building against House Speaker John Boehner for blocking a vote to fund the government--even though there are enough Republican votes in the House to pass the Senate funding bill and end the shutdown. If we can add to the growing public outrage, we can generate so much negative media attention that everyone--even Boehner--will see just how fed up people all over the country are. Can you sign the petition?