Tell the Media: Do your job!

Tell the Media: Do your job!

Tell the heads of USA Today, CBS and CNN and other major news outlets:

Do your job! Don't normalize Trump.
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    The media is failing to report the truth about Trump, his closest advisors, and their plans for the country that are dangerous for our democracy. 

    Trump just appointed Steve Bannon, an unabashed leader of the white nationalist movement and a domestic abuser, as his chief strategist, but you wouldn't know that from the headlines.

    USA Today called him a "loyalist." Wall Street Journal and Washington Post said he's an "outsider." CBS described him as a "former Goldman Sachs executive."

    It's irresponsible reporting like this that led to the election of a racist, serial sexual predator in the first place. In fact, these news outlets largely ignored women who came forward about being assaulted by Trump in the last weeks of the election.

    America needs a free, open, and truthful press now more than ever. Major news outlets need to do their job and stop covering up the truth about Trump. Will you add your name?