TLC: Cancel this child molester's show

TLC: Cancel this child molester's show

Tell TLC:

"Child sex abusers don't deserve fame, fortune, or time on your airwaves. Cancel the Duggars' show."
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    UPDATE: TLC just announced the cancellation of 19 Kids and Counting. Thank you to the more than 60,000 UltraViolet member who signed this petition. 

    Newly released police reports show that a major reality TV star, Josh Duggar, admitted to sexually assaulting 5 young girls. But despite growing outrage, TLC refuses to take his show off its network.

    Instead, TLC launched a marathon of 19 Kids and Counting, Duggar's show. This story is spreading through entertainment news like wildfire, and TLC is coming under fire on social media.

    TLC cancelled another reality show last year when one of its stars was photographed with a convicted child molester. If we all speak out now, we can make sure that they take a clear stand against sexual abuse of children, and get the Duggars off the air, too.