It's time for colleges to take rape seriously

It's time for colleges to take rape seriously

Our message to the Department of Education Office for Civil Rights:

"Sexual assault on campus can’t be tolerated anymore. The Department of Education should fully enforce Title IX, hold schools accountable for tolerating rape on their campuses, and publicly post the statistics and findings from their investigations."


(Photo credit: Kylie Nicholson/Know Your IX)

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    From Harvard to UC-Berkeley, University of Michigan to Florida State University, there's an epidemic of rape on college campuses--and schools across the country are under fire for sweeping rape cases under the rug.

    Rape is a crime--whether it happens in a dark alley or an Ivy League dorm room. It's time to force universities to take sexual assault seriously. Campus sexual assault survivors are asking the Department of Education to fully and transparently enforce Title IX--the law that requires schools to address gender-based violence on their campuses--including publicly posting the reports and statistics from their investigations. But the Department of Education is only going to act if they hear from tens of thousands of us--will you sign the petition?