These college students need our help

These college students need our help

Tell the California Assembly and Governor Brown:

"Make medication abortion available in on-campus health centers."
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    These college students need our help

    The California Senate just approved legislation to make the abortion pill available on college campus health centers. Now the Assembly needs pressure from us to pass this bill and send it to the governor's desk.

    Medication abortion is just two pills that are FDA-approved--as simple as writing a prescription for birth control. But because campus health centers at California's three dozen campuses don't offer it, every month more than 500 students must travel off campus--some more than SIX HOURS round trip--just to obtain two pills.

    An unwanted pregnancy in college can be the difference between finishing one's degree and dropping out--and college students are especially vulnerable economically. 25% of California State University students are uninsured and more than half are low-income. While Trump is chipping away at abortion access nationwide, we can take a BIG step forward to make it available in California--and it could become a model for other states. This bill is an easy way to help over 250,000 female students--more than 75% of whom are women of color--plan their own future and ensure access to a basic health care need. California lawmakers have been actively resisting Trump's attacks on women, so a push from us can put this bill over the top. Can you sign the petition?