Teach consent in high schools

Teach consent in high schools

Tell your Senator:

Cosponsor the Teach Safe Relationships Act and incorporate information about consent, sexual assault, and violence prevention in the national high school sex ed curriculum. 

AFT logoThe American Federation of Teachers (AFT) is joining UltraViolet's campaign to support this legislation and teach age-appropriate information about consent.

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    This is HUGE: the U.S. Senate is going to vote on legislation that could help significantly reduce sexual assault and intimate partner violence in schools across America.

    Women ages 16-24 are the most likely to experience sexual violence, and it's a huge problem especially on college campuses, where one in five survive sexual assault. In recent months, two state-wide education systems have passed mandatory affirmative consent rules for higher education campuses, and private colleges across the country are incorporating education about preventing sexual violence into student programming.

    But students shouldn't have to wait to arrive at college to learn about consent--information about consent and healthy, respectful intimate relationships should be included right along with the crucial information about STIs and pregnancy teenagers are already learning in high school. And the Teach Safe Relationships Act will insure that age-appropriate, comprehensive information is presented to students in their high school health classes. Add your name.