Congress needs to stop Steve Bannon

Congress needs to stop Steve Bannon

Tell Congress:

Do whatever it takes to stop Steve Bannon from reaching the White House.

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    We have an extremely short window to stop Steve Bannon--a white supremacist, anti-Semite, and domestic abuser--from reaching the White House.

    Right now, some members of Congress are rightly protesting Bannon's appointment as Donald Trump's chief strategist, while the rest are under extreme pressure to join the protest.

    Every member of Congress has the power and responsibility to keep rabid racists and misogynists out of the highest level of government. 

    Protests have already erupted across the country, and members of Congress have either joined or are keeping a watchful eye. If we speak out right now, we can make sure they do everything in their power to block this white supremacist from the White House. Can you call on your member of Congress to stop Bannon?