Republicans have reached a new low

Republicans have reached a new low

Tell Comcast, AT&T, Microsoft and others:

"Stop funding the Republican National Committee."
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    When revelations surfaced that Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore had preyed on multiple teenage girls--girls as young as 14--the Republican National Committee (RNC) rightly stopped funding his campaign.

    Now, in a cynical political calculation, the RNC has reversed its decision and recommitted to pouring money into the race to help Moore win. Trump and the Republicans would rather have a child molester in the Senate than lose a seat. It's shameless. 

    The RNC may have lost all sense of decency, but we still have a chance to hold them accountable. Much of its funding comes from corporations that have to answer to the public for their actions, and no company wants their brand associated with supporting a child sex abuser. If we generate enough outrage, we can pressure these companies, including household names like Comcast, AT&T, and Microsoft, to stop funding the Republican Party over their support of a child sexual predator. Will you add your name to demand these companies and others stop funding the RNC?