This judge's sentencing is rape culture at work.

This judge's sentencing is rape culture at work.

Tell the California Commission on Judicial Performance:

"Remove Judge Aaron Persky from the bench." 
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    I'm a survivor of sexual assault, and would like to share my story.

    A judge just sentenced a Stanford University star athlete--who was caught in the act of sexually assaulting an unconscious woman--to only six months in jail.

    Why? Because the judge, Aaron Persky, worried that a prison sentence would have a "severe impact on him"--yes, the rapist--and said, "I think he will not be a danger to others." It's a horrifying example of rape culture: when a judge is more concerned with the well-being of a rapist than with justice or public safety. This judge has no business staying on the bench.

    Now the story is making headlines around the country and Judge Persky is coming under fire. If we all speak out, we can generate enough outrage to force California's judicial oversight commission to remove Judge Persky from the bench--and send a message to judges and law enforcement everywhere that rape culture has no place in our courts. Will you add your name?

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