A sad young women sitting down with long brown hair. Her head is down and she is covering her mouth with one hand as she looks at her cell phone.

Tell Google: Stop supercharging the spread of non-consensual deepfakes

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    Tell Google: Stop supercharging the spread of non-consensual deepfakes

    The petition to Google reads:

    Search results for women's names should never include non-consensual sexual deepfakes or the websites and apps that help people create them. We urge you to delist websites and apps that supercharge the spread of this abusive content.

    Why is this important?

    Google is responsible for 36% of all traffic to the largest deepfake porn platforms on the internet. These platforms supercharge the spread of non-consensual sexual deepfakes that are used to humiliate girls and women, especially women in power.

    We know that deepfake created images, which often involve superimposing an individual’s face onto explicit content without their consent, not only violate privacy by undermining an individual’s right to control their image, but also normalize sexual exploitation and reinforce harmful stereotypes about gender, sexuality, and consent. By reducing people to objects for sexual gratification, non-consensual sexual deepfakes perpetuate a culture of exploitation and dehumanization while eroding the integrity of digital media and trust in online information sources.

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