Sign the Petition: Stop this Inhumane Bill

Sign the Petition: Stop this Inhumane Bill

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"Criminalizing abortions after 20 weeks does not make women or our families safer or healthier. Stop Senator Graham's extreme bill and stand up for American women."

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    Senator Lindsey Graham is planning to introduce a national bill this week that criminalizes abortions after 20 weeks. When politicians introduce these inhumane bans on abortions, they are tying the hands of doctors who want to help couples going through heartbreaking situations like major birth defects. Less than 2% of abortions occur after 20 weeks, and many of them are wanted pregnancies that are just too dangerous or unhealthy to continue.

    Texas, North Dakota, and Arkansas have all passed 20-week abortion bans this year, and so has the House in Congress. If we don't make a stand against Sen. Graham's bill in the Senate, more states will be emboldened to pass these inhumane laws. We have to make sure that conservatives everywhere know we won't stand for this.

    Sign the petition telling the Senate to block Graham’s inhumane and extreme abortion ban bill.