Save the USPS

Save the USPS

Tell Postmaster General Louis DeJoy:

Resign immediately.
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    Save the USPS

    The US Postal Service--one of the leading employers of women and people of color--is in trouble, and Trump has admitted it's all part of a plan to suppress votes in his favor.

    Postmaster General Louis DeJoy, a megadonor appointed by Trump, recently announced structural changes and cut-backs that would dramatically slow delivery and capacity just as millions of Americans prepare to cast their ballots by mail. In fact, DeJoy sent a memo warning states that it could not guarantee mail-in ballots would arrive in time to be counted. And this slow-down means delays in life-saving medications, essential Social Security checks, and countless other critical pieces of mail. 

    After massive outcry, DeJoy has been forced to postpone the changes until after the election, but that's not enough. Postmaster General Louis DeJoy has shown he is willing to work with Trump to suppress votes, and he must resign.