Congress Must Regulate Big Tech!

Congress Must Regulate Big Tech!

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    Congress Must Regulate Big Tech!

    It's time for Congress to hold Big Tech accountable!

    Why is this important?

    On December 8, 2021, head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, went before the Senate and lied about the true harms of Instagram, Facebook, and its parent company, Meta (formerly Facebook Inc.), has on its users, particularly young girls. 

    This just the most recent testimony of a Big Tech CEO over the past few years. But, we are over the baseless promises platforms have made to self regulate. It's time for Congress to take legislation action.  

    Self-regulation requires trust, and we can't trust Big Tech. Self-regulation is not only a danger to our democracy, it's a threat to the well-being of those most targeted online: Black, Indigenous, and women of color, LGBTQ+ folks, young people, disabled people, religious minorities, and others. 

    It's past time for Congress to institute legislative action against Big Tech's rein. We’re calling on the Senate Subcommittee to begin the legislative process to hold platforms accountable for the harms caused.

    Join us in calling for legislative action to hold Big Tech accountable.

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