Tell ProFlowers to cut ties with Rush Limbaugh

Tell ProFlowers to cut ties with Rush Limbaugh

Our message to ProFlowers:

Hateful and abusive language towards women is completely unacceptable. Rush Limbaugh has really crossed the line this time and you need to stop advertising on his show immediately.

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    Rush Limbaugh has crossed the line: He is attacking a young woman who testified before Congress on birth control as a medical necessity. He has been calling her a slut, among other terrible names. Yesterday he offered to buy her and her friends aspirin to put between their knees—another form of name-calling. And then he said that if Sandra Fluke wants birth control coverage, he should get something for it—she should have to post videos of herself having sex.

    This is unacceptable. ProFlowers is a major advertiser for Rush’s show and they are a company that caters mostly to women. That’s why we’re joining forces with RH Reality Check to call on Rush advertisers, starting with ProFlowers, to cut ties with him right away. ProFlowers is already feeling the pressure on this, so if enough of us sign we can push them over the edge.