Presidential candidates must stop silencing survivors

Presidential candidates must stop silencing survivors

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All presidential candidates must stop silencing survivors and should release former and current employees who request it from nondisclosure agreements relating to sexual assault, abuse, or harassment. 
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    Michael Bloomberg

    Presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg, who is surging in the polls, once said, "I'd do her," when referencing a female employee. Dozens of other sexist remarks made by Bloomberg over the years have surfaced, including ones deriding the intelligence of female employees, objectifying women, and otherwise creating a toxic workplace culture. 

    This is part of a pattern of behavior from this New York billionaire media mogul. Sound familiar? And there is likely more, but employees have been forbidden to go public with their stories of sexual harassment at Bloomberg's company because of nondisclosure agreements (NDAs).

    We already have a sexual predator in the White House in Donald Trump. Silencing employees and encouraging a toxic work environment cannot be the new normal. That's why we're demanding that all presidential candidates, on both sides of the aisle, release employees who request it from any NDAs relating to sexual assault, abuse, or harassment. 

    Add your name to demand that anyone running for president release women from nondisclosure agreements.