We're going to make sure Speaker Paul Ryan hears us

We're going to make sure Speaker Paul Ryan hears us

Speaker Paul Ryan needs to hear from you and everyone you know.

If you submit a comment below, we'll deliver it as a postcard.
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    Speaker Paul Ryan doesn't want to hear from you--his phones are always busy, his voicemail is always full, and he won't even hold a town hall.

    As the Speaker of the House, Ryan has a lot of power to either push through or stop Trump's hateful agenda. So, whether it's about protecting the Affordable Care Act, defending Planned Parenthood, or simply standing up to Trump, now is the time to make our voices heard loud and clear.

    Since he's not making it easy, we've figured out a different way to get through to him--UltraViolet is delivering tens of thousands of postcards to Speaker Ryan's door. If you write a note right now, we'll put it on a postcard and deliver it with thousands of others! Can you take two minutes to write a note to Speaker Ryan and ask your friends to join you? More people than ever before are motivated to contact Congress, but they can't get through. That's why all your friends on Facebook need to know about this--so their message can be delivered right away.