Fox News just fired sexual predator Bill O’Reilly!

Fox News just fired sexual predator Bill O’Reilly!

UPDATE: UltraViolet members just got another major player at Fox News fired. First, we took on serial harasser and former CEO Roger Ailes, then O'Reilly had to go. Now, their accomplice in covering up the harassment, co-President Bill Shine, has been forced out too.

UltraViolet members proved once again there must be a cost to sexual harassment.

Since Andrea Tantaros came forward in August 2016 about being harassed by O’Reilly, UltraViolet members have been calling for O’Reilly to be fired. When the New York Times report made it clear many more women had been silenced, we ramped up our campaign and joined powerful allies at Color of Change and Media Matters--and won.

Here is what UltraViolet members did to make this happen:

  • In addition to the protest, UltraVIolet commissioned a plane to fly around Manhattan with a banner reading “FOX: #DROPOREILLY, THE SEXUAL PREDATOR.”
  • Over 500 survivors of sexual assault signed onto an UltraViolet letter to 21st Century Fox CEO James Murdoch demanding accountability for sexual harassment and assault at Fox News urging Murdoch to fire Bill O’Reilly.
  • Over 88,000 UltraViolet members signed a petition calling on Fox to fire Bill O’Reilly and his enabler Bill Shine. 


  • Over 60,000 UltraViolet members along with our allies at Color of Change and Media Matters pressured over 70 advertisers to drop The O’Reilly Factor, which put a lot of pressure on network executives to fire Bill.
  • UltraViolet released an online video ad targeting members of the board of 21st Century Fox ahead of their board meeting to decide the fate of Bill O’Reilly. The video documents stories of women sexually-harassed by Bill O’Reilly. 
  • UltraViolet also ran online ads asking Fox News employees, “Have You Been Sexually Harassed by Bill?"

  • Since August of last year, thousands of UltraViolet members have flooded Fox offices with phone calls to fire O’Reilly
  • In July 2016, immediately after former Fox News host Gretchen Carlson sued media giant and known sexual predator Roger Ailes, 37,000 UltraViolet members took action and helped oust Ailes--turning the tide against Bill O'Reilly and other predators at Fox News.

Here are a few of the best stories covering this campaign:

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The Wrap: Women’s Group Urges Fox to Fire Bill O’Reilly in Scathing Online Ad (Video)

Ousting Ailes and O’Reilly are big wins against sexual predators, but the problem at Fox is even bigger. Fox executives have enabled a culture of harassment for decades and we will keep the pressure on until they do a complete investigation, all the enablers are fired, and they fix their disgusting work culture. Add your name if you’re committed to fight with us.