More action needed to end harassment at Fox

More action needed to end harassment at Fox

Tell 21st Century Fox:

Clean up the disgusting culture of sexual abuse at Fox News. Start by firing Bill O'Reilly and Bill Shine.

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    UPDATE: Bill O'Reilly is out! That's a huge step forward, but if Fox News is serious about ending its culture of sexual harassment they need to fire all the executives who knew about O'Reilly's behavior and enabled him by silencing the women he harassed.

    Co-President, Bill Shine, knew about O'Reilly and former CEO and serial harasser Roger Ailes, and was a key player in helping them cover up their abuse for years.

    We need to keep the pressure on Fox until they do a full public investigation and fire all the enablers like Bill Shine. UltraViolet members helped get Ailes and O'Reilly fired--if we continue to speak out, Bill Shine's days at Fox News will be over soon. Will you add your name?