O'Reilly doesn't get a comeback

O'Reilly doesn't get a comeback

Tell Jenny Craig, Advil, Wayfair, and other Hannity advertisers:

"Sean Hannity is working to normalize Bill O'Reilly, the sexual predator you didn't want to be associated with, by bringing him back on the air. Drop all Fox News shows now."

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    Sean Hannity and Bill O'Reilly

    Former Fox News host and serial sexual predator Bill O'Reilly is making a comeback thanks to Sean Hannity.

    On Tuesday, O'Reilly--who was kicked off the air in part thanks to UltraViolet members--appeared on the show Hannity and given how the network hyped his appearance this may not be the last time. O'Reilly is unapologetic--he continues to blame the many women he harassed for his firing--so he is just as dangerous as when he was fired.

    If Hannity and Fox News don't face major backlash for bringing a sexual predator back for one night, they'll think people have stopped paying attention and they can get away with giving O'Reilly and other predators a platform again.

    Dozens of advertisers--including ones that rely heavily on women like Jenny Craig and Wayfair--that pulled their ads from Bill O'Reilly's show continue to advertise on HannityNow that Hannity is helping O'Reilly's comeback, we can put the same pressure on these advertisers to not only drop Hannity, but Fox News entirely. Will you add your name to demand companies stop supporting Hannity and all Fox News shows?



    Photo Credit: Justin Hoch