One last chance to protect the internet

One last chance to protect the internet

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    One last chance to protect the internet

     It probably took you only a second to open this web page. Those days may soon be over, as big internet service providers like Comcast and Verizon just got a green light to mess with your internet access.

    Internet service providers (ISPs), with the backing of Trump's Federal Communications Commission, are about to implement a plan to create fast and slow lanes on the internet--and we'll all pay the price. No matter how fast your internet is, ISPs will be able to decide which sites to slow down or even block. That could get in the way of paying bills, searching for urgent medical care, streaming Netflix, using Facebook, even just Googling information. And websites that big telecom companies don't agree with--like news articles or advocacy sites critical of them or Trump--could be blocked entirely.

    Fortunately, due to the outcry, all 49 Democrats and independents, along with Republican Senator Susan Collins, support a bill to overturn the FCC rules. Under Senate rules, because it has the support of 50 senators, the Majority Leader is forced to bring it up for a vote. Now we just need one more vote to pass it. History shows that when telecoms mess with our internet access, Congress listens closely. That's why we're joining our allies at Free Press to demand the Senate take action. Can you sign the petition?