Gov. Kasich: Veto all abortion bans

Gov. Kasich: Veto all abortion bans

Tell Gov. John Kasich: Veto all abortion bans
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    Ohio legislators could actually get away with banning abortion--and we don't have much time stop them.

    This week, the Ohio state legislature passed multiple bans on abortion including as early as 6 weeks. A 6-week ban would criminalize abortions earlier than most women even know they are pregnant--essentially banning all abortion in the state. Governor John Kasich could sign one of these bans any day now.

    Here's the good news--this abortion ban is clearly unconstitutional, and too extreme even for many conservatives--so Kasich is already feeling the pressure to veto it.

    No governor wants to be tied to such a blatantly unconstitutional bill--which means that if we speak out loudly now, we can convince him to veto the ban. We know more attempts to ban abortion are coming, so let's draw a line right now that we won't accept any further restrictions on women's healthcare. Next week, we're going to remind Gov. Kasich of his constitutional obligation by delivering hundreds of constitutions to his office. Add your name now and we'll include it when we deliver piles and piles of constitutions to Kasich's office.

    Join us today--demand that Gov Kasich veto all abortion bans.