Fired for demanding equal pay

Fired for demanding equal pay

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"Firing a woman for demanding equal pay for equal work is unacceptable. Make this right by committing to pay transparency so your employees will know how their pay stacks up against those with similar jobs--and whether they are being discriminated against."

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    The New York Times just fired its first-ever female executive editor because she confronted its publisher about pay discrimination.

    Jill Abramson recently found out that she was paid less than her predecessor, Bill Keller, and asked her bosses about it. A few weeks later, she was abruptly fired amid reports that New York Times publisher and chairman Arthur Sulzberger considered her to be "pushy."

    There's a silver lining here: all the attention on this story is an opportunity to spotlight how we can close the pay gap. Right now, media outlets all over America are blasting the New York Times for paying Abramson less than her male predecessor, so the company will be looking for an opportunity to make things right.

    One thing the New York Times can do right away is commit to pay transparency -- one of the most effective ways to combat and prevent pay discrimination. Can you join them by signing the petition?