This NYPD captain thinks only stranger rape counts

This NYPD captain thinks only stranger rape counts

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    If a woman is raped by an acquaintance, it's not "true" rape.

    That's according to Captain Peter Rose of the New York Police Department, who actually said acquaintance rapes are "not total abomination rapes." Even worse? Rose leads a police precinct that is currently seeing an unprecedented spike in rape crimes.

    Let's be clear: the NYPD is saying being raped by an acquaintance isn't that bad.

    This is the kind of attitude in law enforcement and the courts that allows the rape of 1 in 6 to women happen--or lets rapists like Brock Turner off the hook. If we speak up in large numbers while Captain Rose is under fire for his disgusting comments, we can send the message now--rape, acquaintance or not, and the public figures that brush it aside WON'T be tolerated.