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Tell NBC: Drop the Republican primary debate!

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    Tell NBC: Drop the Republican primary debate!

    To NBC news:

    Rumble is not a legitimate news platform! Drop your partnership for the Republican presidential debate!

    Why is this important?

    NBC is on the verge of making a costly mistake.

    The network is set to co-host the next Republican presidential debate on November 8 with the far-right streaming website Rumble. Rumble is known as a gathering space to spread white supremacist hate, racism, misogyny, and extremism, and to organize violence.

    If NBC goes through with its plans to be Rumble's co-partner and air Wednesday's debate, the network would validate Rumble as a legitimate news source, expose millions of viewers to disinformation, and undermine our country's democracy.1

    Rumble isn't a harmless streaming site. It's a website that was founded solely to provide a home to the absolute worst of the worst far-right extremists, including Holocaust deniers, indicted rapist Andrew Tate, and Alex Jones, the conspiracy theorist who promoted the lie that the Sandy Hook school shooting was a hoax.2

    Tell NBC: Reverse course and back out of this week's Republican presidential debate.

    Let's be clear: The state of our nation's democracy is too fragile and sacred for NBC to move forward with its plans to be in business with an extremist platform like Rumble--a hotbed for misogyny, antisemitism, and racism--just for the sake of boosting its ratings and to appease conservatives.


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    2.Revealed: Republican debate broadcast partner fueled by misogyny and extremism, The Guardian, October 24, 2023

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