NBC News has been covering up rape

NBC News has been covering up rape

To Comcast and NBC News:

"Fire Noah Oppenheim and Phil Griffin immediately, and make internal changes to stop the unchecked sexual abuse and cover ups at Comcast and NBC. "
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    NBC news HQ

    Last week, news broke that NBC News execs protected "Today" show host Matt Lauer for three years after he violently raped his colleague, Brooke Nevils. Plus, execs repeatedly tried to kill the reporting that brought down Harvey Weinstein, who assaulted 87 women. Then this week, it turns out NBC also tried and successfully killed a story about two perpetrators: music exec Russel Simmons and former "Extra" host A.J. Calloway.

    All these cover-ups point to the top of NBC--in fact, NBC News president Noah Oppenheim knew about Lauer and directly got in the way of the Weinstein story. Despite all that, NBC and parent company Comcast renewed his contract yesterday.

    Oppenheim and everyone complicit need to be held accountable--like the time UltraViolet teamed up with allies to take down Les Moonves, the former head of CBS, and Bill O'Reilly at Fox News. Will you demand NBC News and Comcast fire Oppenheim and make serious changes that will stop sexual abuse and hold perpetrators accountable?