Tell Top Advertisers: Hold Twitter Accountable!

Tell Top Advertisers: Hold Twitter Accountable!

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    Tell Top Advertisers: Hold Twitter Accountable!

    Multibillionaire Elon Musk is buying Twitter for $44 billion, nearly $54.20 per share. A Twitter with Musk at the helm will not be a paradise of free speech--it will be a hellscape of violence, disinformation, white supremacy, hate speech, and misogyny.

    Why is this important?

    Musk does not believe any posts, however factually inaccurate, violent, or inflammatory, should be prohibited on Twitter. 

    Advertisements are Twitter's primary source of revenue, and that's why we are calling on some of Twitter's top advertisers, including HBO, Kraft Foods, and Disney, to commit to these standards as non-negotiable requirements for advertising on the platform:

    • Keep accounts, including those of public figures and politicians, that were removed for violations of Twitter rules off the platform and continue to uphold the civic integrity policy in particular, along with the hateful conduct policy.
    • Ensure algorithmic accountability, preserve people's privacy, and commit to depolarizing the algorithm.
    • Continue Twitter's commitment to transparency and researcher access. 

    If we can get advertisers to demand a better Twitter, then we can continue in our fight to ensure a future #FeministNet.


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