Sign the Petition: Macy's, Stop Blocking Equal Pay

Sign the Petition: Macy's, Stop Blocking Equal Pay

Our message to Macy's:

"I’m outraged that Macy’s would undermine women’s right to equal pay for equal work. If you want my business, you should publicly retract your letter asking Governor Perry to veto the Texas equal pay act, and pledge not to block any future equal pay legislation in Congress or state legislatures."

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    Here's the story: Macy’s recently played a key role in defeating an important equal pay bill in Texas. The bill would have given employees who are discriminated against more time to sue in state court. Without this law, women who are paid less simply because of their gender could miss their chance to get justice before they even find out that they were discriminated against.

    The bill passed the Texas legislature with strong bipartisan support, but Governor Rick Perry vetoed it last month at Macy’s request.

    Wage discrimination is a major problem in America, costing women and their families an average of $431,000 over their careers. Macy’s is in the middle of a big back-to-school marketing campaign right now, aimed largely at moms. The last thing they need right now is controversy over equal pay--an issue women all over the country care a lot about. If we all speak out now, we can generate enough media attention to pressure them to retract their opposition and pledge to support equal pay legislation--in Texas and nationally--going forward. Can you sign the petition?