Drop the charges against Laura!

Drop the charges against Laura!

Tell Harris County District Attorney Devon Anderson:

Struggling moms should be supported, not criminalized. Drop the charges against Laura Browder.

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    Laura Browder, a mother of two, was thrilled to get a last-minute job interview in Houston, Texas. Without enough time or money to arrange for childcare, she brought her kids with her and planted them not 30 yards away so that she could keep an eye on them as she interviewed.

    She got the job--then she was arrested and is now facing child abandonment charges.

    This shouldn't happen. All over the country, women living in poverty face impossible choices like Laura's. In 31 states, the average cost of childcare is HIGHER than the average cost of college tuition. And it doesn't get easier once a mom is employed--with so few moms working jobs that have paid sick days, they risk losing their job if their kid gets sick. The solution is better policies that support all working women, not criminalizing moms left with few options.

    The media coverage of Laura's story is growing. Thousands are outraged, and if we speak out now we can get the charges against her dropped. Will you sign the petition?