Sign the Petition: Stop the Maryville Coverup

Sign the Petition: Stop the Maryville Coverup

Tell Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster:

"No one should get away with raping a 14-year-old girl just because of his powerful family connections. Use your authority as Attorney General to investigate the rapes in Maryville, Missouri, and punish the rapist, the prosecutor, anyone else who used their position to block justice for Daisy Coleman."

*We don't usually identify sexual assault survivors by name, but Daisy and her family have come forward publicly in pursuit of justice, and their names have appeared in the media with their permission.

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    Nearly 2 years ago, 14-year-old Daisy Coleman* was raped at a party by a high school football star and grandson of a powerful local politician in Maryville, Missouri. But now, he’s walking free while Daisy and her family struggle to survive with what happened to her.

    Immediately after the rape, Daisy and her mother went to the hospital and reported the rape to police. Matthew Barnett was charged, and he confessed on tape.

    But months after the rape, county prosecutor Robert Rice--who has close ties to the alleged rapist's influential grandfather--dropped the charges. Worse, the town and high school ganged up not on the rapist, but on Daisy and her family.

    This is Steubenville all over again. And just like the Steubenville case, if thousands of us speak out and shine a national spotlight on Maryville, we can get justice for Daisy and her family. Will you sign our petition to demand justice for Daisy?