Thanks to this judge, a rapist gets child custody

Thanks to this judge, a rapist gets child custody

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Initiate the removal of Judge Gregory S. Ross from the bench.
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    Last week, Michigan Judge Gregory S. Ross granted a rapist joint custody of his victim's eight-year-old son.

    Christopher Mirasolo was convicted of raping the woman when she was 12 years old, resulting in her becoming pregnant. Nine years later, after the woman applied for assistance from the state, Judge Ross gave Mirasolo the woman's address, ordered that Mirasolo be added to the child's birth certificate, and granted him custody rights and parenting time--all without her consent.

    This sickening case has already caused nationwide outrage and is believed to be the first of its kind in the U.S. The Michigan Judicial Commission, which has initiated the removal of numerous judges for ethics violations, is closely watching the public's reaction. If tens of thousands of us pile onto the outrage, we can push the Commission to call for Judge Ross's removal. Will you sign the petition?