Don't reward this victim-blaming judge for letting a rapist off the hook

Don't reward this victim-blaming judge for letting a rapist off the hook

Tell the Yellowstone Area Bar Association:

"Judge G. Todd Baugh has shown that he has no respect for the law and no compassion for survivors of sexual violence. Victim-blamers don't deserve to be applauded. Don't award Judge Baugh a Lifetime Achievement Award."
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    A judge who was suspended from the bench for letting a rapist off the hook is about to get a lifetime achievement award, unless we take action.

    Two years ago, ex-Montana Judge G. Todd Baugh sentenced a teacher who raped one of his students to a mere 30 days in prison. What's worse, in handing down his decision, he made lewd comments blaming the 14-year-old victim--who committed suicide before the case even went to trial--for her own rape. Over 140,000 UltraViolet members stood up against Baugh. The Montana Supreme Court not only re-sentenced the convicted rapist to a 10-year prison sentence, but also publicly censured and suspended Judge Baugh for his conduct. Now, this victim-blaming judge is being honored with a lifetime achievement award?! Not if we can help it. 

    If the Yellowstone Area Bar Association ignores this huge indiscretion and instead awards him, it'll send the message that victim blaming is no big deal. But we can push the Yellowstone Bar Association to reverse their decision if we all stand up. Will you sign the petition?