Ivanka Trump is a hypocrite

Ivanka Trump is a hypocrite

Tell Ivanka Trump:

As long as you're advocating for working women, grant your own employees paid family leave.
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    Remember during the Republican National Convention when Ivanka Trump said her father--a man who routinely denigrates women--would be a champion for working moms? Remember when she said, "As a mother myself, of three young children, I know how hard it is to work while raising a family"?

    Well, get this: It turns out Trump doesn't give her own employees basic maternity leave at her fashion company. If she won't do it, why should anyone believe her father's administration will--especially when he calls breastfeeding moms "disgusting" and routinely spews sexist insults at powerful working women?

    Look, parental leave is not and should not be a partisan issue--57% of Republicans support it.

    If Ivanka and the Trumps are serious about championing working moms, they can start by cleaning up their own houses. Can you demand Ivanka Trump give her employees access to paid leave?