Tell Congress: Hold health insurance companies accountable

Tell Congress: Hold health insurance companies accountable

Tell Congress:

"You must hold the predatory insurance companies accountable for misleading consumers and jacking up rates. We need to move health care forward, not back."
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    There's been a lot of talk about the Affordable Care Act in the news--but it's not the real story. Big insurance companies--the same ones that spent tens of millions of dollars lobbying to stop the Affordable Care Act--are using confusion around the new law to seriously screw over their customers. And it's got to stop.

    For example, Humana, one of the biggest insurance companies in the United States, sent thousands of customers frightening, misleading letters. Other insurance companies have been canceling old plans and offering new ones at much higher prices--all without telling consumers that there are more affordable plans in the newly created health care exchanges or that customers are probably eligible for subsidies to help pay for these better plans.

    And despite what you might be reading in the paper or seeing on the news, the Affordable Care Act is already saving countless lives. All Americans deserve qualify, affordable health care--and needs Congress needs to stop playing gotcha politics and start standing up to the insurance companies. They need to hear from tens of thousands of us if they're going to do it.

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