Acosta Resigns!

Acosta Resigns!


Update: Alexander Acosta announced his resignation as Secretary of Labor amid growing pressure from UltraViolet members and the American public.
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    Trump Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta speaking at conference

    Statement from UltraViolet executive director Shaunna Thomas: 

    "Acosta’s resignation is good news, and demonstrates that people who enable sexual predators like Jeffrey Epstein can be held accountable."

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    Last year, tens of thousands of UltraViolet members signed the petition demanding Alexander Acosta be removed as Secretary of Labor for letting billionaire child rapist Jeffrey Epstein off the hook more than ten years ago. Now, with new charges filed against Epstein this week for operating a child sex trafficking ring where he abused dozens of underage girls, there's new momentum to get his enabler, Acosta, impeached.  

    As U.S. Attorney in Miami in 2008, Acosta showed a total disregard for these underage survivors by offering Epstein a plea deal with a mere 13-month sentence, allowing Epstein to leave the prison six days a week, ignoring most of Epstein's crimes, and ending an FBI probe that was already in motion which would have potentially found even more powerful people involved in Epstein's trafficking ring. Acosta's actions deprived many survivors of their ability to see any form of justice for the abuse they endured. This is a travesty, but instead of apologizing for his actions, Acosta has only doubled down by making excuses for his shameful deal with Epstein.

    The reality is that Acosta allowed Epstein to use his vast resources and connections to manipulate our broken criminal justice system and to protect other powerful men. Epstein is finally facing justice for sexually abusing at least 80 young girls. But we must make sure that his enablers, like Secretary Acosta, are held accountable too. As Secretary of Labor, Acosta is in charge of protecting workers across the country and stopping human trafficking. With a past like this he cannot be trusted to uphold our laws. Acosta needs to go. Immediately.

    Photo credit: Gage Skidmore