Stop the GOP plan to hike the middle-class' taxes

Stop the GOP plan to hike the middle-class' taxes

Tell Congress:

"The Republican tax plan ends 13 MILLION people's health coverage to pay for massive tax breaks for billionaires. Vote NO."
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    BREAKING: Republicans in Congress just announced a major blow to the Affordable Care Act as part of their proposed tax plan. The House will vote on it today and the Senate will follow soon--so if we want to save our health care (again), we have to act now.

    If the Republican tax plan passes, that's 13 million people's health care gone. For lots of people, premiums will go up 10% nearly every year for the next decade. The reason Republicans are doing this? To pay for a tax plan that will slash corporate taxes by 42% and give 80% of tax breaks to--you guessed--the top 1% of earners.

    But several Republicans aren't on board with ripping off middle- and working-class people. The plan raises taxes on nearly half the-middle class and slashes Medicaid, nutrition assistance, and other crucial programs, in addition to destroying health care. Just like the previous rounds of the fight to save health care, thousands of people are already mobilizing to defeat this awful tax plan.

    We'll need thousands more to speak up NOW to pressure undecided Republican Senate votes, or else millions will lose health care and more to this billionaires' tax break. Will you sign the emergency petition?