How Google tricks women out of abortion

How Google tricks women out of abortion

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"Keep your word. Take down ads that intentionally lie to women seeking information about abortion."
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    How Google tricks women out of abortion

    Google is lying to women about abortion--and it needs to stop.

    All over the country, women who search for "abortion clinic near me" are shown ads for what appears to be abortion clinics, but are actually so-called "crisis pregnancy centers" (CPCs)--fake clinics run by right-wing extremists who lure women then manipulate or harass them out of getting an abortion.

    These fake clinics' staff pose as medical professionals to tell women all sorts of medically disproven lies, like abortion causes suicide, infertility, or breast cancer. Really.

    Google agreed to take these ads down several years ago--and thanks to UltraViolet members and allies at NARAL, Yahoo soon followed. But Google either fell asleep on the job, or outright lied, because reports just uncovered more of these ads on Google nationwide.

    Google is WRONG for helping CPCs trick women. But Google responds to public pressure. For the sake of the two million women each month who Google "abortion or "abortion clinic," these ads need to be taken down. Can you sign the petition?