Fox News needs to suspend this creep

Fox News needs to suspend this creep

Tell Fox Networks Group:

Suspend Roger Ailes immediately, and conduct a thorough investigation into Fox News to guarantee all employees are safe from sexual harassment and retaliation.
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    The head of Fox News was hit with a major sexual harassment lawsuit by Gretchen Carlson, a longtime host for the network.

    Carlson was fired after she complained about harassment in the newsroom and refused CEO Roger Ailes' sexual advances. Now, Fox News is claiming it will do an internal review of the allegations. But Ailes, a serial sexual harasser who has offered promotions for sex and requires female news anchors to display their legs, has yet to face any consequences.

    If Fox News does not suspend Ailes, they're sending a message that sexual harassment and the abuse of women is OK in their workplace. All people, regardless of where they sit on the political spectrum, deserve to work in a safe and harassment free workplace and Carlson needs our support.

    Public pressure, starting with your signature, will push the network to get rid of Ailes--sending a powerful message that sexism anywhere won't be tolerated.