Tell Ford and GM: Stop Undermining Our Freedoms!

Tell Ford and GM: Stop Undermining Our Freedoms!

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    Tell Ford and GM: Stop Undermining Our Freedoms!

    Why is this important?

    Our freedom to decide if and when we grow our families and our freedom to vote both hang in the balance.

    In less than four weeks, Michiganders will decide on closely contested state races that could determine the future of abortion providers and fundamental freedoms. Ford and GM have undermined these rights every step of the way. In Michigan alone, the automakers combined have donated more than $450,000 to the legislators who want to take away our freedoms. Just recently, a judge had to prevent Michigan Republicans from taking an initiative enshrining abortion rights off the ballot for November. As if hoping to snatch abortion rights wasn’t enough, the Michigan GOP also voted to implement confusing voter ID laws and to purge voter rolls, threatening the enfranchisement of thousands of people, in particular Black, Indigenous, and people of color.

    Make no mistake about it, a major reason these legislators are in power is that Ford and GM are bankrolling them. Let’s hold these companies accountable and force them to put people over profit.

    Add your name now to demand that Ford and GM stop bankrolling the politicians undermining our freedoms.

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