Pay double for the same pill? No way!

Pay double for the same pill? No way!

Your message to the FDA:

"Cost should never be a barrier between a woman and the contraception she needs. Stop giving Plan B a special deal, and make generic emergency contraceptives available over-the-counter, too."

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    Pay double for the same pill? No way!

    Last week, the Obama Administration agreed to make Plan B (aka “the morning-after pill”) available over-the-counter--a huge victory for women's health.

    There's just one BIG problem: The Food and Drug Administration has a "sweetheart deal" with one pharmaceutical company to market the drug--meaning the cost stays high because there are no generic versions available.

    We can win this fight. There's momentum here: The Obama Administration lowered age restrictions on Plan B before dropping them entirely, and the U.S. judge who told the Obama Administration to lift all restrictions to Plan B has said generics should be equally available.

    Will you sign the petition asking the FDA to make generic emergency contraception available over-the-counter?