One last time: Thank you, President Obama

One last time: Thank you, President Obama

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    One last time: Thank you, President Obama

    If there was ever a president who fought hard for women, it's Barack Obama. And he has said his final farewell.

    When millions of Americans were being denied care for being too poor or too sick, he pushed and expanded coverage to 25 million more people. He made sure to stop insurance companies from charging women more than men for coverage. And in the face of frightening attacks on abortion, he barred states from denying federal money to Planned Parenthood.

    His administration is the first to push several campaigns to end campus rape. He signed a long overdue bill of rights for survivors of sexual assault.

    He signed the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act and put equal pay higher up on our national priorities. He was the first president to fully support marriage equality. He put a record number of powerful women on the Supreme Court. And, he proudly calls himself a feminist.

    We say goodbye to probably the boldest president to ever fight for women, but welcome him beside us as a fierce ally. That's why UltraViolet will deliver your name straight to the White House. Will you make sure President Obama sees your name and to thank him one last time?