Support paid family leave for working moms and dads

Support paid family leave for working moms and dads

Our message to Congress:

"Paid family leave is good for moms and dads, children, and our economy. Show your support for working parents and families by supporting legislation to create a national paid leave insurance program in the United States."
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    Each year, millions of women and men face a gut-wrenching decision: stay home to care for a newborn baby in the crucial first weeks after birth, or return immediately to work to make sure the family can make ends meet.

    In the US, only 11% of workers have access to paid family leave through their employers — barely one in 10 people. In fact, the United States is the only developed country that doesn't ensure new parents can take paid family leave after a child is born. And this is an even larger issue than leave for new mothers and fathers-paid family leave would also allow workers time off to care for sick, elderly parents and other family members.

    Right now, we have an amazing opportunity to change this — but time is short. We're partnering with the National Partnership for Women & Families, MomsRising.org, and Working Mother magazine to get Congress behind national legislation to provide paid family leave. We've got just a few short weeks to gather tens of thousands of petitions to show massive public support — will you sign the petition today?