Don't let the Senate confirm a Supreme Court extremist

Don't let the Senate confirm a Supreme Court extremist

Tell the U.S. Senate:

"Block any Trump nominee who will overturn Roe v. Wade."
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    Purple image with white text that says "Tell the Senate: Protect our constitutional right to safe, legal abortion. #SaveSCOTUS". Picture of Supreme Court in the background.

    UPDATE: Trump just announced his anti-choice, extremist pick for the Supreme Court, Brett Kavanaugh. If he is confirmed, the balance of the court will shift and Roe v. Wade will most likely be overturned, criminalizing abortion and punishing women.

    Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy--the critical swing vote protecting Roe v. Wade and the constitutional right to abortion--announced his retirement. This news has set off a furious fight to replace him that we absolutely must win, because Trump has vowed to nominate ONLY justices who will vote to overturn Roe.

    This is a CRISIS. We simply can't go back. In recent months, multiple states have put laws on the books to challenge Roe and ban abortion, in anticipation of Kennedy's retirement. Anti-abortion lawmakers expect Trump will get the Senate to confirm an extremist--and once one of these laws is challenged in the Supreme Court, that extremist would provide conservatives' long-awaited fifth vote to overturn Roe. That could happen in just over a year's time, and once it does, more than a dozen states have "trigger" laws to automatically ban abortion--with other states set to follow.

    But there's a path to victory. Rapid, intense pressure has convinced pro-choice senators like Susan Collins (R-ME) and Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) to repeatedly side with us before. They've voted against abortion bans and to protect Planned Parenthood and the Affordable Care Act. Their votes, along with those of several swing Democrats, will be key in any nomination fight--and that's why your voice is so urgently needed to put pressure on them now. Can you sign the petition?

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