Eden Foods: Drop Your Birth Control Lawsuit

Eden Foods: Drop Your Birth Control Lawsuit

Your message to Eden Foods's CEO Michael Potter:

"Your lawsuit against the birth control mandate is outrageous. Allowing employers to dictate their employees' health care is un-American and just plain wrong. Stop your ideological attacks on birth control, and drop your lawsuit."

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    Eden Foods--a major organic food company--is suing the Obama Administration over the rule that insurance companies must cover birth control under the new healthcare law. Why? Because as CEO Michael Potter put it, they believe that "these procedures [birth control] almost always involve immoral and unnatural practices."

    Employers have no right to interfere with the reproductive health care of their female employees. If we all speak out now to add to the outrage, we can show Eden Foods and other businesses that are watching the controversy that their lawsuit is bad for publicity and bad for their bottom line.

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