Domestic violence survivors to credit card companies: Block sales of assault weapons

Domestic violence survivors to credit card companies: Block sales of assault weapons

Are you a survivor of domestic violence?

Please read and sign the below letter.
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    To Visa President Alfred Kelly Jr., Mastercard President Ajaypal Singh Banga, and other credit card companies:

    We write to you as survivors of domestic violence. We are disproportionately impacted by gun violence, including mass shootings, and we want you to take action to curb the sale of assault weapons.

    Mass shootings often feel senseless, but there is a common warning sign--a majority of shooters have a history of domestic violence. At least 54 percent of mass shootings in the United States are connected to intimate partner violence. Just like the Pulse nightclub and Sutherland Springs mass shooters and so many more, the 19-year-old who murdered 17 students and teachers in Parkland, Florida abused his ex-girlfriend and stalked another classmate.

    These abusers are too easily able to obtain weapons of mass murder like the AR-15. We write to you because, while Congress and the president do nothing, there are specific steps your company can take to ban the sale of military-style assault rifles used in the deadliest mass shootings.

    24 companies have cut ties with the most powerful opponent of gun control, the NRA. PayPal and Apple Pay already blocked purchases of any firearms using their services. So, why can't Visa, Mastercard, and other financial services companies ban purchases of assault weapons using their credit cards?

    If you can block the sale of Bitcoin, you can block the weapon of choice for mass murderers. People's lives are on the line. We urge you to stop processing sales from retailers who sell assault weapons.


    Domestic violence survivors